Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun (2002)

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Synopsis: The evil space pirate Gloomius Maximus is determined that since he can’t have fun, nobody else will either. Unfortunately for our heroes, an invitation to Zowie Polie’s third birthday party accidentally finds its way to Gloomius’s ship. Gloomius never had a birthday party himself, so he sets out to make Zowie’s as miserable as possible. He tries a glum ray, kidnapping Zowie and Pappy, and ultimately towing the entire Polie Planet to the Gloomy Galaxy. Between Olie’s Super Silly Ray (his present to Zowie) and some help from Saturday morning hero Space Boy the day is saved for silliness. The whole planet helps charge up the Super Silly Ray and fix Gloomius’s happy gear.
Director: Ron Pitts
Writers: Nadine Van der Velde, William Joyce
Stars: James Woods, Kyle Fairlie, Joshua Tucci
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