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Kaput and Zosky: The Ultimate Obliterators

Watch Kaput and Zosky: The Ultimate Obliterators full episodes free online cartoons.
Synopsis: Kaput and Zösky are two alien space adventurers looking about the galaxy for one thing and that is total domination. With their powerful threats and their insidious schemes, the two think that they can rule over all. In fact, they are horribly mistaken. The two usually end up choosing some planet with powerful foes and dangerous inhabitants. Together, the two usually fail their plans and end up running for their lives. Ordinarily, the planets they visit are home to some strange custom or odd inhabitants, which they exploit in an effort to dominate, and which eventually gets the best of them. Their adventure usually end with the two flying off, leaving a red cloud of smoke behind. Kaput is the small, fat one who has a brilliant red Mohawk, as well as being apt to a tendency of “crisperizing” everything in his sight, and Zösky is a tall, thin being who has yellow antennae and is more fixated on formulating plans to achieve his ends. Their equipment, like they themselves, is minuscule …


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