Barney: What a World We Share (1999)

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Synopsis: After Stella the Storyteller leaves her suitcase in the treehouse, Barney and the kids travel to France, Canada, and Mexico to find her. Meanwhile, Baby Bop and BJ fight over who gets to use the box, as Baby Bop wants to use it for a playhouse, and BJ wants to use it for a fort. When Barney and the kids return, they find that BJ and Baby Bop are sharing the playhouse. The kids then present Baby Bop and BJ the souvenirs they brought from their trip, and sing I Love You. After Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids sing I Love You, Baby Bop gets tired, and BJ prompts her that they should leave. The kids then do the same, as they say goodbye to Barney, who turns back into a doll.
Director: Steve Feldman
Writer: Perri Verdino-Gates
Stars: Bob West, David Joyner, Julie Johnson
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